Did you know that Robert’s Rules were revised this year?  And the changes are significant.

9/19   – Robert’s Rules and Parliamentary Procedures

Do you chair meetings?  In meetings, are you intimidated by Robert’s Rules?
Learn how to glide through problems at meetings in a way that’s fair, confident and in control.  Or as a meeting participant, here’s a chance to finally understand Roberts’ (New) Rules–the process of making motions, debating the issues, and more.   

9/26  –  Bylaws & Your Rights
Understand the importance of bylaws in union democracy, proper election procedures, and governance issues. Evaluate your union’s bylaws. 

The Guild is delighted that Patricia Legault-Frank, the renowned consulting Parliamentarian and Governance specialist, is returning for two half-day Wednesday workshops (9 AM – 1 PM).

Take one workshop or both at a remarkable price of just $50 a session.

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