Congratulations to Cynthia A. Rodrigues, our 2017 CGA Labor Award winner! Cynthia Rodrigues is currently the President of the Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council and serves as a member of UNITE-HERE’s New England Joint Board. In the words of Kathy Cassavant, a long time colleague of Cynthia Rodrigues, “Cindy has worked towards justice her whole working life.”

Cynthia has undertaken this lifelong work with organizations including the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers, the New England Joint Board UNITE-HERE, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Labor Education Center, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, and many more.

In her acceptance speech at last week’s CGA Awards dinner, Cynthia said, “I have been privileged to have the opportunity to play a positive role in so many working lives. Their struggles have made me and us stronger together and have made many friends into families.”

You can see the rest of the Cynthia’s speech below!

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