There are two documents I have held close since I became Director of the Guild. 

The first is the business plan that our Board built in 2017.  In that plan we outlined what we were going to do about our current members and increasing new members.  The goal was, and is, finding and generating new revenue funding streams.  It was also about marketing our educational product to positively affect the atmosphere of Labor and Management Relations. The last piece of the plan requires consistently successful Cushing -Gavin Awards ceremonies as a testament to our unifying commitment to work in conjunction with management, as well as serving labor. 

The other document is a draft.  “Draft Vision for the Next Phase of the Labor Guild”, dated July 2007.  It was signed by Fr Ed, Martin Callaghan, Kevin Cotter, Robert Haynes, Thomas Kochan, Thomas Kohler, Paul McCarthy, Brian McDonald, Greg Thornton, and Arnold Zack.  Which puts forth the question:  Why the Labor Guild must reenergize itself?  It answers, 

Because the times demand it.  The labor market climate in almost all sectors has become more divisive, adversarial and continues to deterioratedriven by national-international economic policies and philosophies that glorify the free market where everything is for sale while forgetting about the effects on people, communities and the environment. 

One speaks to our business model while the other speaks to our moral objectives. These two documents consistently converge throughout our history, for this is what we do.  The promotion of human dignity, respect, a fair wage, safe workplace and a place to enhance the atmosphere for both Labor and Management. 

We have embarked on a course where new technology bridges the two documents.  With the ability to develop new and more educational products online we can reach more people, more often than we could have ever imagined. Which in turn, will bring more interest to our mission as well as income. As we go forward, we will need to develop methods of delivering courses so that workers can partake of the information on their schedules not just on ours.  I believe we can be the leader in affordable labor education for workers.  It is our hope that the continuing pursuance of grant and foundation funding will offset the cost of producing our educational product.   

By following this course, I believe we will bring these two documents into cohesive balance of both our mission and the financial stability needed to sustain the future of the Labor Guild.  Our strategy is beginning to bear fruit, class sizes are increasing and we are reaching out to people outside of our borders.  Last year, in the face of a Pandemic our fundraising efforts were impressive.  We are most grateful to you for that.  It is you, our faithful supporters who stand by us that keep us going.  It is our deep and dedicated faculty staff that makes the Labor Guild work.  We can not do our work without you.  We are so very grateful.  Together, we can and will change the labor-management environment for the better.

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