Father Edward F. Boyle S.J. Fund

Father Ed Boyle, S. J. died November 13th, 2007.  A man blessed with remarkable gifts of intellect, strength, good-humor, and, above all, faith, he touched thousands of lives in his thirty-seven years as Chaplain and Executive Secretary of the Labor Guild. After excelling at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business and beginning a career in finance in New York City, he answered his vocation in 1958 and through eleven years of spiritual and intellectual training became a Jesuit who made labor and social justice central to his ministry.

“Father Ed” provided an example of commitment to broader social justice and joyful, selfless, love that is unforgettable. Personally, his first concern was always others and, socially, his passion was for greater social and economic justice.  Inspired by Saint Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), as well as activists Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez, Father Ed exemplified the Jesuit ideal of “being a man for others.” He embraced his vow of poverty, long refused recognition of his success in helping others and always attributed success to others.  He asked not to be eulogized after his death.  Instead, several of his friends have come together to create the Father Ed Boyle Fund as an Endowment Trust within the Labor Guild to subsidize internships which will further the work that Father Ed made the center of his ministry and the mission of the Labor Guild: to promote “the dignity of the individual person/worker as the cornerstone of a just economic system.”

These earmarked funds are used to support the Guild’s educational and outreach mission to advance the cause to which Father Ed dedicated his life.


Please do not hesitate to contribute or pledge if you wish to help advance Father Ed’s legacy.  Contributions from companies, unions, health care groups, or law firms are warmly welcomed.

Trustees of the Father Ed Fund welcome the opportunity to explore partnering with the largest multi-year donors to develop mutually beneficial internships which will advance the mission of the Labor Guild.

Individuals are encouraged to contribute as their means permit.

All donations are equally welcome and will be acknowledged in our quarterly newsletter Labor Life.

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