Fall 2021: School of Labor-Management Relations


$50 per course

The Labor Guild School of Labor Management Relations: Fall 2021 138th Term
All classes will be run virtually through zoom
School Starts Monday, September 13th and runs through Tuesday November 16th

Each class meets on the same day of the week for five weeks from 6:30 to 8:30

  • The first set of classes run from the week of Sept 13th to the week of Oct 12th
  • The second set of classes run from the week of Oct 18th to the week of Nov 16th

(Course descriptions below)

  • Week of Sept. 13th - Week of Oct 12th — 6:30-8:30 pm

  • Week of Oct. 18th - Week of Nov. 16th — 6:30-8:30 pm

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$50 per course

The Labor Guild School of Labor Management Relations Fall: 138th Term

All classes will be run virtually through Zoom
School starts Monday September 13th through November 16th, 2021
Each class will meet the same time 6:30 pm -8:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday Evenings
Session I: Begins: Monday September 13th runs for 5 weeks ending the Week of October 12th
Session II: Begins:  Monday October 18th runs for 5 weeks ending the week of November15th
Tuition is $50 per course, with no limits on the number of courses _________________________________________________________________________________

Session I Weeks of September 13th through October 12th

(Pick only one class each evening, it will run that night for five weeks)

Monday September 13 6:30 – 8:30 pm (PICK ONE)

Advanced Communication Skills to Resolve Conflict: Instructor Paul F McCarthy Collective Bargaining Associates

Students will discuss and practice the mechanics of effective and clear communications to help them become more proficient in working and relating to others. This class will boost your personal leadership skills, resulting in better interpersonal relationships by learning how to resolve, defuse, and avoid, unnecessary conflict. Capable leaders are always good communicators.

Federal Labor Law: Instructors Attorneys, Paul Kelly and Lou Mandarini

Many, but not all, of the laws governing worker rights, labor unions and labor management relations have been passed by the federal government rather than state governments. Public sector bargaining is the exception.  This class will review the major federal laws affecting workers and unions as well as the potential for federal protection for public sector workers and unions.

Tuesday September 14 6:30 – 8:30 pm (PICK ONE)

The Art of Organizing: Instructor Michael Raysson, Labor Activist and Author

This class will explore in small discussion and exercise groups, Grassroots organizing in        action in labor union settings.  We will examine Top down versus Grassroots organizing, both pros and cons.  The organizing campaign at Amazon in Alabama.  Both strategies used and alternative possibilities.  Other campaigns in the current news media.  (This class runs 4 weeks)

Advanced Steward’s Training: Tom Breslin, Associate Director of Labor Education, Massachusetts Nurses Association

This course will build on the skills students developed in the Basic Steward Training course by emphasizing Strategic Planning for local unions, member mobilization, and the grievance process. Students will participate in case studies to develop and enhance problem-solving techniques and member mobilization skills. To make the course more meaningful, students should bring their own ideas for discussion. It is recommended, but not required students will have completed the Basic Steward Training course.

Wednesday (set 1)

How Do We Effect Change?: Understanding Politics, Legislation and How to Work Them Francis X. Callahan, Jr., President, Massachusetts Building Trades Council Rich Marlin, Legislative Director, Massachusetts Building Trades Council Students will learn the in’s-and-out’s of the legislative, political and campaign process, as well as how to influence them. The course will be taught by labor leaders and outside experts who will break down these processes and provide students with the tools to effectively engage in politics and legislation.


Session II Weeks of October 18th through November 16 

(Pick only one class each evening, it will run that night for five weeks)

Monday October 18th       6:30 – 8:30 pm (PICK ONE)

Electing Working People to Public Office & Building Effective Advocacy Campaigns. Why it’s Urgent and How We Can Do it: Instructors Senator Paul Feeney and Representative Paul Mark

This course explores modern electoral and legislative advocacy campaigns. Learning from the experiences and expertise of union members, elected officials, and professionals in the field, we will demystify the political process and explore the building blocks of a successful campaign for public office. From field, to messaging, modeling, targeting, digital organizing, fundraising, compliance, communications and everything in between. This course will also delve into our nuanced legislative process and will present best practices in building successful advocacy campaigns. Whether you are interested in running for office someday, working on a campaign, or are simply curious about the process and want to be inspired to make a difference, this course is for you.

Arbitration I: Instructors Sheila Mayberry and Elizabeth Neumeier, Arbitrators and members of the National Academy of Arbitrators. 

  • Course Goal: To understand the arbitration process and the ways it is used in labor relations disputes. By the end of the course, participants will know how to use the grievance procedure and work with other representatives and attorneys to prepare an effective presentation before an arbitrator.
  • Who Should Take It: Union and management representatives and attorneys who are directly involved in handling disputes that arise under collective bargaining agreements, that may go to arbitration for final resolution.
  • Course Style: Using a mock case, each week the class will work through the steps leading to the hearing. Guest arbitrators and attorneys may attend to provide different perspectives. At the final session, participants will have the opportunity to develop and present opening and closing arguments in the mock case.

Tuesday October 19th   6:30-8:30 pm (PICK ONE)

Stand and Deliver” – Speaking in Public: Instructor   George Embleton – Labor Educator, a past Guild President.

A key skill of a good leader is good communication. Gain practice in speaking and presenting effectively before others. You choose your topics – union, work or your personal life. Present short talks in a friendly, small group setting. Get positive feedback and useful tips for shaping a clear persuasive message. If anxiety is your public       speaking enemy-this class could be your friend!

NOTE: Effective body language is one mark of a good presenter, and in keeping with ability, presentations will be made standing before your device’s camera.

Union Power Tools how to Build a Strong Fighting Union: Instructor Ashley Adams

Covered topics will include Charting (also known as “mapping”), running action-oriented and effective meetings, leadership recruitment and development, and how to stage union-building fights in a way that incrementally increases the group’s ability to fight and win – much like a trainer develops a boxer.

(In order to be eligible for a Certificate students must complete four of the five Classes)

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