Spring 2022: School of Labor-Management Relations


Join us this Spring for our 139th Term

$50 per course

  • All classes will be run virtually through Zoom and take place weekly from 6:30-8:30pm.
  • School begins Monday, February 28th and runs through Tuesday, May 10th.
  • (No School 4/18 & 4/19)
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Session I, 6:30-8:30pm

Monday Nights – 2/28 through 3/28

Digital Strategies: Joseph Cameron, Chief Executive Officer of Connect Political and Colleauges

Class Description: What are digital strategies? How do unions and political candidates use digital strategies to run successful campaigns? How can unions use such strategies to successfully engage the community? This course includes small group workshops and presentation of a project.
Bio: Joe Cameron is widely considered an expert in political digital marketing/targeting. He was a Southern California law enforcement officer for over 11 years. During his tenure as president of his union, he successfully engaged with the broader community through social, digital, and grassroots political engagement strategies. Joe’s expertise and background in digital marketing, social media, and political advocacy allow him to define attainable goals and construct plans of action for his clients.

Tuesday Nights – 3/1 through 3/29

Basic Steward Training: Tom Breslin, Retired Associate Director of Labor Education, Massachusetts Nurses Association

Class Description: This course will cover the basic duties and responsibilities of a Shop Steward. Building your skills by emphasizing strategic planning for local unions, member mobilization, recording documentation, and the grievance process. Students will participate in case studies to develop and enhance problem-solving techniques to navigate through daily issues swiftly and professionally. Students will also build more effective skills to communicate between trades as well as with their members, foreman, supervisors, and/or business managers. To make the course more meaningful, students should bring their own ideas for discussion. It is recommended but not a requirement.
Bio: Tom Breslin has been involved in Labor Education since the mid-1980s while a graduate student at the University of Minnesota where he was an adjunct instructor in the Labor Education Service. In addition, he served as the Labor Studies Coordinator in the St. Paul, MN public schools teaching Labor History and Labor topics to junior and senior high school students. He has been a Labor Educator at both the Minnesota Nurses Association as well as the Massachusetts Nurses Association. Following his retirement from the MNA, he began teaching at the Labor Guild.

Wednesday Nights – 3/2 through 4/13 (7-Week Workshop)

Collective Bargaining Negotiations: Paul McCarthy, Principal, Collective Bargaining Associates-Consultants to Organized Labor

Workshop Description: Take the mystery out of the bargaining process and learn the inside game of collective bargaining negotiations. This hands-on, nuts and bolts course involves the participants in all aspects of negotiating a collective bargaining agreement. It includes lectures, educational materials, simulated bargaining sessions, strategy development, and bargaining caucus experience.
Bio: Paul is a Union Organizational Specialist who works closely with union leaders to help solve organizational problems and build union power and effectiveness. He is a valued and seasoned bargaining consultant, organizer, and strategist with over 40 years of experience. Paul’s union leadership skills training programs and his trouble-shooting expertise are provided exclusively to organized labor throughout the United States and Canada.

Session II, 6:30-8:30pm (No School 4/18 & 4/19)

Monday Nights – 4/4 through 5/9

The American Labor Relations System: Daniel Fogarty, Esq., & Colleagues, Sandulli Grace PC

Class Description: This popular, continually updated course explains the legal, economic and political framework and context of labor relations in US workplaces. Collective bargaining; contract administration; major labor legislation; individual representation and employment law; Public vs. Private collective bargaining; organized labor’s past contributions; current challenges and future prospects and options.
Bio: Daniel Fogarty is an attorney with Sandulli Grace, PC.

Tuesday Nights – 4/5 through 5/10

Drafting Contract Language to Avoid Grievances: Michael Loconto, Boston-based arbitrator and mediator

Class Description Grievances and costly arbitrations often arise out of unclear contract language. Many locals and employers do not use attorneys to assist with drafting during the collective bargaining process, and sometimes disputes arise from ambiguous provisions. This process will provide you with tools to create outcomes at the table and reduce costs and uncertainty over the life of the contract.
Bio: Michael Loconto is a Boston-based arbitrator and mediator providing neutral, independent dispute resolution services. He has nearly two decades of experience as a thought leader and convener in the fields of labor relations and employment law.