The Labor Guild School of Labor Management Relations:

Fall 2020

School Starts: Monday, September 14, 2020 evenings 6:30-8:30 pm
Note: No School the week of October 12-16th – Mid semester Break

All Classes will be held online

For everyone’s health and safety all classes will be held via zoom.


Week of September 14th – Week of October 5th



Monday – Advanced Communications Skills for Union Leaders and Members


A workshop that contains all of the elements necessary to help participants identify, understand, and correct their communications shortcomings to become first-rate, one-on-one communicators and conflict resolvers. This interactive program addresses listening skills, feedback skills, and consensus decision making.  Students learn teamwork, problem solving, and conflict resolution techniques through case study activities


Paul F. McCarthy Collective Bargaining Associates



Tuesday – Labor Arbitration I


Course Goal: To understand the arbitration process and the ways it is used in labor relations disputes. By the end of the course, participants will know how to use the grievance procedure and work with other representatives and attorneys to prepare an effective presentation before an arbitrator.


Who Should Take It: Union and management representatives and attorneys who are directly involved in handling disputes that arise under collective bargaining agreements, that may go to arbitration for final resolution.


Course Style: After laying a foundation of the basic concepts, each week the class will work through the steps leading to the hearing. Guest arbitrators and attorneys may attend to provide different perspectives. 


Sheila Mayberry and Elizabeth Neumeier, arbitrators and members of the National Academy of Arbitrators. 



Wednesday – Member Mobilization


This course will address the issues surrounding and involving Member Mobilization, and the benefits to the union and the member. We will examine the pre-conditions necessary in the local to enable this approach to be successful and practical suggestions for union leaders to effectively mobilize members. Case studies will be used to supplement classroom discussion. Students are encouraged to bring suggestions for discussion topics.


Tom Breslin, Retired Associate Director of Labor Education, Massachusetts Nurses Association



Thursday – The American Labor Relations System: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


This popular, continually updated course explains the legal, economic and political framework and context of labor relations in US workplaces. Collective bargaining; contract administration; major labor legislation; individual representation and employment law; Public vs. Private collective bargaining; organized labor’s past contributions; current challenges and future prospects and options. Great hand-outs and materials.


Kenneth Grace, Partner, Sandulli Grace P.C.



Week of Oct. 19th – Week of November 9th


Monday – Steward’s Training


This course will cover the basic duties and responsibilities of a Shop Steward. Building your skills by emphasizing strategic planning for local unions, member mobilization, recording documentation, and the grievance process. Students will participate in case studies to develop and enhance problem-solving techniques to navigate through daily issues swiftly and professionally. Students will also build more effective skills to communicate between trades as well as with their members, foreman, supervisors and/or business managers. To make the course more meaningful, students should bring their own ideas for discussion. It is recommended, but not a requirement.


 Elissa Cadillic, President, Boston Public Library Employees Union – AFSCME 1526, Board Chairwoman of MassCOSH, VP of the Labor Guild, Member of the MA Governor’s Employee Safety and Health Advisory Committee, and Wendall W. Gardner, Field Representative & President of Local 609 – Laborer’s International Union of North America (LiUNA), Planning Board member for City of Woonsocket, RI


Tuesday – Now, a Few Words from You—Speaking in Public


Gain experience and confidence in speaking and presenting effectively before others. You choose your topics—from your union, your work or your personal life. Practice in short talks with a friendly, in-the-same-boat group. Get positive feedback and useful tips for shaping a clear persuasive message. If anxiety is your public speaking enemy, this class could be your friend!


George Embleton, Labor Educator


Wednesday – Power and Struggle


This class is a staple for every union member. It is the story of unions and corporations: how they formed and how they have grown. This class will give an overview of how labor struggled for economic and social justice from a variety of different lenses (economic, political, judicial and legislative). This class gives a unique perspective of how unions have been molded into what we are today.


David Kowalski, Executive Director, Labor Guild


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