Frequently Asked Questions

How Classes Work

Where can I find the list of classes?

Course listings and registration can be found at


How long are Guild School terms?

Guild School terms last for nine weeks. This means students come to the Guild weekly for a total of nine Monday night sessions. The last one of these sessions is graduation.


How does course selection work?

Students can choose to attend two classes during each term—one during the first period (6:30-7:40), and one during the second period (7:50-9:00). During certain terms, we offer a special double-session course. Students participating in this course will stay in the same class during the first and second periods (that means they cannot choose another first or second period class).


Will there be homework or exams?

No! Guild classes are intended to help students gain skills and confidence and grow your network. The goal is to create a stress-free, positive environment for learning and sharing knowledge. Some instructors suggest that their students read short articles in between classes, but there are no outside assignments.


Do I have to attend all nine weeks of classes?

In order to receive a certificate at graduation, students must be present at seven of the nine weeks in the term.


Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the Archdiocese Pastoral Center in Braintree, 66 Brooks Drive. Driving directions can be found here. The closest T station is Quincy Adams, though unfortunately it is not within walking distance of the Center. If you would like to attend classes but are unable to get to our building, we may be able to help you arrange a carpool. Please contact our office at (781) 340-7887 or


Who will be there?

To meet some of our students and find out what they love about the Guild, check out our Community Spotlights. You can learn more about faculty and guest speakers here. And, to stay up to date and check out all of our posts getting to know the Guild community, take a look at our School Blog!

Cost and Scholarship Information

How much does it cost?

$125. This cost is for the entire nine-week term, whether students attend both periods or just one. This is a very low-cost option for labor education!

That said, we also know that $125 is a significant amount and are committed to not letting cost be a barrier to attendance.


Will my union cover the cost of attendance?

Maybe. Students should contact their union leadership to see if the union cover the cost of classes. Many unions will reimburse students once they receive their certificate of completion. Other unions pay for students upfront and send a check directly to the Guild. This varies by union, so please talk to your leadership to find out.


Are scholarships available?

Yes! We offer scholarships based on need and amount of support received each term. Complete the scholarship form online or print it out and mail it into the office. All personal and scholarship request information will be kept strictly confidential.


Is there a discount for unions or organizations bringing a group of students?

Yes, depending on the size of the group. For all questions about the cost of attendance, contact our office at (781) 340-7887 or


I want to support students attending the Guild. Can I subsidize the cost of tuition?

Yes! We would greatly appreciate your support. You can make a donation to the Guild here. If you would like those funds to be used to subsidize scholarships, please specify in the comments of your donation.

The Labor Guild is a 501c(3), so all donations are tax deductible.

Requirements for Graduation

What will I receive when I finish the term?

All students eligible for graduation receive a certificate of completion. Some unions use this certificate to reimburse students for the cost of attendance.

In order to be eligible for graduation, students must have attended seven out of the nine weeks in a term. They must also have paid their tuition for the term or made arrangements to do so with our office.

Other Questions

I want to attend, but Monday nights don’t work for me. Do you ever offer classes on other nights of the week?

Currently our Fall and Spring term classes only run on Monday nights. However, we often offer workshops and day programs. To receive information about those offerings, sign up for our email list.


I live/work in another part of the state. Are there classes or workshops located outside of the Boston area?

We occasionally run workshops and programs in other regions. If you are a union or organization interested in bringing Labor Guild training to you, please contact our office at (781) 340-7887 or


I have a great idea for a class! Can I make a suggestion?

Absolutely! Our goal is to offer top-notch, relevant education. If you have an idea for a class that you think could benefit the Guild community, we want to hear it! To suggest a class, please fill out this form. If you would like to share other ideas about the Guild and our offerings, please contact our office at (781) 340-7887 or

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