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Course Reflection- Resistance in a Trump Presidency: Winning Strategies for Progressive Electoral and Legislative Campaigns

Each week, as part of our School Blog, we’ll hear from a student enrolled in the course about the topics being covered, what they’re learning, and more! This week’s reflection is written by returning blogger Wini Peterson, Secretary, MTA – METRO Regional Office.

I’ve been attending Paul Feeney’s class on Political Campaigning for the past six weeks. We are learning about how to run for a political office. Paul has taken us through the step-by-step process of mounting a winning political campaign.

We started by learning how to use a Tully Message Box, a tool using 4 boxes. Each box asks a question: the first box, “What do we say about ourselves?”; the second box, “What do we say about them?”; the third box, “What do they say about us?”; and the fourth box, “What does our opponent say about themselves?”.

We also learned about checking the stats for the district on how people voted in the past, and using that to figure out what would be your target “win” number– amazing information on what goes on behind the scenes of a campaign. Last night, April 24th, we went over Get Out the Vote (GOTV), Poll-Checking and what needs to happen on the Election Day.

I may never run for office, but I now can help someone who is. We live in a world where we need to choose and help elect politicians who will be the voice of the working class/middle class. We have seen way too many people get elected and then forget all about these folks.

Wini Peterson with Robert M. Schwartz, labor lawyer and author of “Your Rights on the Job” and other labor handbooks

As Paul says, “When we Fight, We Win.”


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