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A Stellar Fall 2012 Course Line-up

Check out this wonderful line-up of fall classes [course descriptions below].  Two new faculty members join us this term,  Jen Springer, SEIU 888 General Counsel and Director of Field Services, on Building Effective Coalitions, and the UWUA’s Dave Kowalski’s is presenting his new Power and Struggle course.  Also on deck, top labor attorneys Paul Kelly, Howard Lenow and Sheilah McCarthy; the dynamic strategic union consultant and, Paul McCarthy; accomplished arbitrator James Cooper, Guild President and expert labor educator George Embleton, along with John Hudson–back with his popular leadership development course..


MONDAY EVENINGS – September 10, 2012 through GRADUATION MONDAY November 12th, 2012.  (Note: NO CLASS Monday October 8th Columbus Day.)

No tests, No grades. And Guild classes are a nominal $100 per term for two classes

PERIOD I  (7PM – 8:10PM) – Choose one:

  1. Steward’s Job – George Embleton, Guild President –The steward as the dynamo for making collective bargaining work. Duties as first-line administrator of the contract: problem solving, grievance handling, membership solidarity. Role playing.
  2. Building Effective Coalitions – Jennifer Springer, SEIU 888 General Counsel and Director of Field Services –Learn  successful tactics and techniques needed to build effective labor-management and labor-community coalitions to support collective bargaining, to control health care costs, to preserve important community resources such as libraries, and to support the larger fight for a more fair and just economy. Explore new strategies and examine recent effective approaches to leading in challenging times with a focus on shared values and finding solutions that work.
  3. Agency Alphabet Soup – Arbitrator James Cooper – NLRB, EEOC, MCAD, OSHA, DOL CERC, JLMC, FMCS, MSPB, FLRA, DOJ, ICE, ALJ, DOT, WCB, OFCC, AAA and Others.  Discover what all these federal, state and local agencies do and why,  and what laws they enforce.  Guests speakers are agency staff representatives.  Get introduced to one organization per week, until most agencies dealing with workers’ rights are discussed. (Course may continue into subsequent semesters).
  4. Power and Struggle: The Forces That Shaped the Labor Movement – Dave Kowalski, former President UWUA Local 318 – In today’s savage economy, unions and the Middle Class are under siege. This enlightening course examines the ideas, economic theories and forces that have shaped the past and present movement–and its impact on Labor and Corporations. If you want to understand the economic forces that shape your life–take this course!

PERIOD II    (8:20-9:30PM) Choose one:

  1. Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way John Hudson,  President IBAC – A provocative and unconventional look at leadership. Building leadership skills through self empowerment.Learn about yourself and prepare to lead others.
  2. Labor Law for Public Sector Unions – Attorneys Howard Lenow and Sheilah McCarthyHow to be more effective, aggressive public sector unions. Creative tactics. Learn the benefits and limits of public agencies, including the new Division of Labor. If you are a public sector employee – this is the class for you!
  3. Roots of Labor Law –  Paul Kelly, Esq. Segal Roitman LLPThe relation between the US legal system and American labor from the mid-19th Century, including anti-trust laws, The Railway Labor Act, the Norris-LaGuardia Act, Wagner Act, Taft-Hartley Act. Landrum Griffin Act and major judicial decisions.
  4. How to Think, Plan & Act Strategically Paul F. McCarthy – President, Collective Bargaining Associates – The Art of Developing Bargaining Leverage.  An advanced workshop to help union negotiators maximize their advantages  and minimize their disadvantages.

Mark Smith, School Registrar  

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