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On April 9th the NLRB announced that workers at an Amazon facility in Alabama had not voted to unionize. This followed a prolonged anti-union campaign that featured a whole host of tactics. The company filled the facility with anti-union propaganda, tracking worker’s movements and conversations in the facility, holding captive audience meetings, and even lobbied to get the street lights changed to prevent organizers from speaking. Amazon is also facing pressure on its treatment of workers. Christian Smalls was fired from his job at an Amazon facility for speaking out about unsafe working conditions. Workers for amazon can be pressured so greatly that many are forced to avoid bathroom breaks and use bottles instead, an allegation that Amazon now admits is true. In Massachusetts, there have been several steps taken by local city councils condemning Amazon’s treatment of workers, to stay up to date on these developments follow

Many are now looking for alternatives to Amazon, and we would like to provide some options for people to consider.


Costco – Known for its positive treatment of workers, and with many organized with the Teamsters, Costco has a broad selection of options. You don’t have to be a Costco member to shop online, but you do pay a surge charge.


Powells – An independent book store in Portland, OR whose staff is organized with ILWU Local 5, and you can choose to support their strike fund with your purchase.


Union House Apparel – An online shop for everything from New Balance shoes to shirts and jeans.


AFL-CIO Union Label and Service Trades Department – Lists products topically (Spring cleaning, picnic. etc.) that are union-made, great resource for general purchasing.

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