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Resource – The PRO act

On March 9th 2021, The House of Representatives passed the, Protecting the Right to Organize Act. This bill would help infuse momentum into the Labor Movement, and protect worker’s rights across the country.

Five key provisions of the bill: (source: NPR)

  1. “So-called right-to-work laws in more than two dozen states allow workers in union-represented workplaces to opt out of the union, and not pay union dues. At the same time, such workers are still covered under the wage and benefits provisions of the union contract. The PRO Act would allow unions to override such laws and collect dues from those who opt out, in order to cover the cost of collective bargaining and administration of the contract.

  2. Employee interference and influence in union elections would be forbidden. Company-sponsored meetings — with mandatory attendance — are often used to lobby against a union organizing drive. Such meetings would be illegal. Additionally, employees would be able to cast a ballot in union organizing elections at a location away from company property.

  3. Often, even successful union organizing drives fail to result in an agreement on a first contract between labor and management. The PRO Act would remedy that by allowing newly certified unions to seek arbitration and mediation to settle such impasses in negotiations.

  4. The law would prevent an employer from using its employee’s immigration status against them when determining the terms of their employment.

  5. It would establish monetary penalties for companies and executives that violate workers’ rights. Corporate directors and other officers of the company could also be held liable.”

Resources to help organize and pass the PRO Act:

Read the whole bill and track its progress – See the text, sponosors, co-sponsors, amendments, etc.

Build Back Better With Unions Toolkit from the AFL-CIO – Talking Points, Sample Letters to the Editor, Sample Email, Take Action, Leader Discussion Guide, Social Graphics, Zoom Backgrounds, The PRO Act and the ABC Test, The PRO Act Fact Sheet, The PRO Act Snapshot

Conact your Senators! – Demand action now!

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