The School’s most valued asset is our dedicated faculty, which spans the full range of labor relations practitioners: arbitrators, attorneys, full-time union officers and educational directors, labor organizers, corporate employee relations managers, expert consultants, academics, state and federal mediators, state and federal regulatory agency staff, and more. Each of our faculty members is a volunteer. Their generosity allows the School to keep tuition affordable for working people.  The School is very blessed to be able to call upon this deep network of talented expert lecturers and guest speakers.



Bios for all of this term’s stellar faculty are coming soon!

  • Elissa Cadillic, Vice President, The Labor Guild

    Elissa Cadillic is the president of AFSCME 1526. She has been involved with the union for over 20 years in various positions and continues to advocate for the safety and health of her members. In 2010, after her union went through a series of layoffs, she and other union leadership launched a campaign to save the branches. Ultimately, she was able to rehire every member who wanted to return.  She began teaching this course at the Labor Guild in 2013. In addition to serving as Vice President of the Labor Guild, Elissa is also currently the Chair of the Board for MassCOSH.

  • Tom Breslin, Retired Assistant Director of Labor Education, MNA

    In the 1980s, Tom became business manager of his union of technical workers in the Twin Cities, a position which previously had not existed in his local. He has many years of experience in labor education, including teaching junior and senior high school students about labor union history in the St. Paul Public Schools; at the University of Minnesota as an adjunct faculty; and as Assistant Director of labor education at the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA). He began teaching at The Labor Guild in Spring 2017.

  • Paul F. McCarthy, Union Organizational Specialist, Collective Bargaining Associates

  • Paul is a Union Organizational Specialist who works closely with union leaders to help solve organizational problems and build union power and effectiveness. He is a valued and seasoned bargaining consultant, organizer, and strategist with over 40 years of experience. Paul’s union leadership skills training programs and his trouble-shooting expertise are provided exclusively to organized labor throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Kenneth Grace

  • Partner, Sandulli Grace P.C.
  • Shelia Mayberry

  • Arbitrator and member of National Academy of Arbitrators
  • Elizabeth Neumeier

  •  Elizabeth Neumeier has been a full-time labor-management arbitrator since 1983 and served on the Board of Arbitration for United States Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh prior to returning to her native Massachusetts. She serves on numerous committees of the National Academy of Arbitrators and has been a member of the NAA Board of Governors and Vice President. She has a B.A. in Economics from New York University, a J.D. from Boston University School of Law. She volunteers with the Maine Adaptive skiing program and on the Gloucester Cultural Council.

  • George Embleton

  • Acting as a professional labor educator with the union AFSCME for 25 years, George worked with union members, leaders and staff in New England, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and beyond. His responsibilities ranged from training presentations, to program implementation and curriculum design.

    Prior to 1986, George spent 16 years as a municipal employee and activist/leader in an AFSCME local union in the City of Boston

    George holds a bachelors degree from Boston College. In 2008 he completed a Masters Degree in organization development from American University through the National Labor College.

    He has done political campaign grunt work in Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He has worked in union organizing campaigns in Indiana, Alaska, Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky and New Jersey.

    A long time member of the Labor Guild in Massachusetts, he served two terms as President of the Guild, and has taught at the Guild for a number of years. He served as the Guild’s interim Executive Director in 2011.  He participates in activities with local professional training and organization development groups.

    George believes that few of us are functioning at our fullest potential, and that we should be open to various modes of self development. His favorite quote is We have met the enemy and he is us.

  • David Kowalski, Executive Director, The Labor Guild

  • After 42 years of service, David is a retired Fitting Inspector from National Grid.

    He began his career as a meter reader and then went through their Service Dept. apprenticeship to Inspector.      

    After becoming President of Local 318 he began classes at the Labor Guild in 1986 and then entered the Labor Studies Program at U-Mass Boston’s College of Public and Community Service, receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1990. In 1991 he received his Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution also from Mass. Boston.

    Over his career he served as Treasurer and Vice President of Local 318 as well as Treasurer for the North Shore Labor Council, 6 years on the Groveland Finance Committee and 10 years as Chairman of the Groveland Democratic Committee.

    David became a member of the Labor Guild Faculty in 2012 and a member of the Labor Guild Executive Board in 2017.  He was elected Vice President in 2018 and named President and Executive Director in 2019.



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