School Reflections

Want to know more about Guild School? Find out what students are learning and get a taste of their experiences with our School Blog! This post was written by Wendall W. Gardner, Steward & Executive Board Member, (L.I.U.N.A.) Laborer’s Local 609. Thank you, Wendall! 

My overall experience at the Labor Guild has been amazing. After a few classes, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for, plus so much more. I am blessed to be a student and graduate of The Labor Guild. I get a chance to learn more information about the union and the history behind the organization. I also get a chance to learn and discuss different good or bad experiences with my fellow union members of various trades, some of whiom I have had the pleasure of working in the field with. I graduated last semester from the Union Membership 101 class with and Hugh Boyd and Persuasive Public Speaking with Richard Reilly. I enjoyed both classes because the teachers were informative, as well as wonderful minded people. I learned many helpful techniques to persuasively speak to large crowds gaining and holding their attention. Last semester prepared me for a lot of experiences I have dealt with in my every day job since. Learning all that I did last semester made the choice to come back for more courses this fall a very easy one. I am currently taking The Steward’s Job course with Elissa Cadillic and Next Steps for Stewards: Organizing in the Workplace with Tom Breslin. I am currently three classes in, and I have already learned different key methods to effectively represent and advocate for my union laborers. This training is preparation to handle any grievances, protecting my members from any one failing to honor the Labor contract agreement. I recommend The Labor Guild to all union members if they want to obtain vital information that will help them expand knowledge of their union, for themselves and their fellow union members.

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