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Today’s live broadcast of the Guild’s Labor Day Sunday Mass on Channel 7

Fr. Frank, Labor Day TV Mass

Fr. Frank Cloherty celebrating Labor Day Sunday TV Mass at Channel 7 Studio

September 1, 2013 —  Around 6:30 a.m. this morning, a group of intrepid Guilders gathered at Channel 7’s Bullfinch Place Studio for an annual tradition —  our Guild Chaplain celebrating a 7 a.m. Labor Day Sunday Mass as a live broadcast on both Channel 7 and 56.  (Yes, LIVE. Think of the possibilities.)  Channel 7 is also allowing Catholic TV to rebroadcast the Mass at 7:00 pm tonight.

Fr. Frank Cloherty, our Chaplain, said this morning’s Mass, and gave a marvelous Labor Day homily that we will publish this week. This TV Mass had to clock in at a tight 25-minutes including 2 readings, Frank’s 3: 50-minute homily– without it feeling rushed. Frank landed it perfectly.  

It still amazes us that despite blazing hot lights, live broadcast anxieties, and working TV personnel within spitting distance, somehow the spirit of fellowship always manages to show up.  We were back on the sidewalk by 7:40 AM, and off we went to a delicious and well-earned brunch.

Kudos to Catholic TV  Our sincere thanks to Father Robert Reed, President of Catholic TV Network (and very talented producer, director and presenter), who, along with Paul Hopkins, make the process so clear, easy and pleasant– even for the sleep deprived and the camera phobic. Although Catholic TV has its own beautiful new studio in Watertown and presents televised Masses each day, Father Reed and Paul have this once-a-week Channel 7 Sunday morning Mass down to a science. Each Sunday, Father Reed invites a different priest to say the Mass, but has reserved the Sunday before Labor Day for the Labor Guild going back to Father Ed Boyle’s Chaplaincy.  It’s much appreciated. 

Thanks as well to to the good folks at Channel 7 — and to their expert camera operators,  technicians, and security team.

Finally, to our attending Guilders and their friends and loved ones. Thanks for getting up at first daylight, and driving into Downtown Boston on a muggy rainy morning smack in the middle of a three-day weekend. You’re the best.  



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