Update on the Harvard University Dining Workers Strike– Support HUDS Workers!

Harvard University Dining Services Workers are now on Day 7 of their strike, the first by HUDS in 30 years. Workers are fighting for affordable healthcare for themselves and their families, year-round employment, and sustainable incomes. Harvard undergrad and graduate students, allies, and union members from around Boston have been showing their support for HUDS workers, and the pressure on the university is building.

We at the Guild attended last week’s Dine-In on Harvard Yard, where students rallied and spoke about the importance of demanding that the richest university in the country treat its workers with justice and dignity. This week, there are many ways to build on that momentum by get involved and showing support for HUDS workers. According to the Mass AFL-CIO, picket lines will be from 8am-6pm every day this week at the following locations:

  • Corner of Kirkland & Oxford St. (Cambridge)Western Ave (Boston, in front of Harvard Business School)
  • Harvard Law School (1585 Massachusetts Ave)
  • 82 JFK St. (Cambridge)

You can also follow UNITE HERE Local 26 on Facebook to stay updated on the strike and actions taking place, and donate to the Local 26 Strike Assistance Fund. We’ll be there standing with HUDS workers, and we hope you will join us!

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