Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time and date of this year's CGA Dinner?

The 2020 CGA awards was held virtually, please visit the CGA Page to see the video and the program book. 

How do I get information about and/or register for the Guild's School of Labor-Management Course offerings?
For more information, visit the Course Catalog page..
How do I book a room for a meeting?
For more information about our rates, amenities and availability: call 781-340-7887 or email The Guild.
How do I arrange for the Guild's Chaplain to deliver an invocations for our upcoming event, discuss work issues and/or spiritual counseling?
The Chaplain has limited hours available, please call 781-340-7887 or email The Guild for more information.
Where can I find help with job disputes?

We also have a list of helpful resources, with links to labor, government  advocacy, and faith based agencies and organizations.

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