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Course Reflection- Standing Up for Workers’ Rights During the Trump Presidency: Grassroots Organizing and Strategy

Each week, as part of our School Blog, we’ll hear from a student enrolled in the course about the topics being covered, what they’re learning, and more! This week’s reflection is written by Wini Peterson, Secretary, MTA – METRO Regional Office.

I am attending the Labor Guild and attending the class “Standing up for Workers Rights: Grassroots Organizing” with Rand Wilson as the instructor. I find this class to be an eye opener as it is so important to get people organized, but also to have them knowledgeable about what the issues but why it needs to be dealt with. You can have the best issue, but if no one knows about the issue or why it is important nothing gets done. I am especially enjoying the stories that other locals have and how they overcame opposition to the rights and benefits of their members. We are coming up to a time when big business has an ally in the White House who doesn’t appreciate Unions, private or public and would like to see them gone. Now more than ever we need good strong unions and even stronger union members.

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