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Course Reflection- Next Steps for Stewards: Organizing Around the Grievance Process

Each week, as part of our School Blog, we’ll hear from a student enrolled in the course about the topics being covered, what they’re learning, and more! This week’s reflection is written by Ross McDonagh, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 25.

Ross McDonagh, IBT Local 25

So far in our class, instructor Tom Breslin has taught us many things about the grievance process such as: the nine tests for just cause, how arbitrators are picked, and most importantly the “organizing model” for unions. This past week, we started to delve deeper into organizing members around a specific grievance– in this case, a termination grievance.

The class has been excellent so far, with much spirited discussion amongst all of our brother and sister classmates. Tom has illustrated and pointed out how different unions may handle grievances in different ways prior to arbitration. Through these discussions, not only have we learned tips and tricks from each other, but Tom has always been at the ready with solid answers to questions anyone may have about both theoretical and procedural issues and more importantly, ideas on how to handle grievances and unite the members of a bargaining unit to stand up for their rights! I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about the grievance procedures and organizing itself, which is the lifeblood of trade unionism.
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