Meet the Guild

Get to know the Guild community! We’d like to share a post featuring a member of our community: students, board members, staff, and friends of the Guild. Know someone who should be featured? Want to be featured yourself? Contact our Community Outreach Coordinator at


DJ Cronin, Organizer, SEIU 888
“The most important aspect of my job has been having 1:1 conversations and following up with people to build relationships and power for the work.”


Dayana Ocasio, Membership Assistant, Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA)
“One of the many reasons why I attend the Labor Guild classes is that I have a lot of questions. I know there’s more than what the media tells us. I want a different perspective and knowledge base of what is happening in the world. I don’t want tunnel vision of bias information. That’s why I go to classes. We have so much to learn if we broaden our horizons and learn from the experiences of others.”


Dan Campagna, Journeyman Carpenter and Steward, Carpenters Local 275
“We all live in the community, so we should participate in it.”



John Pani, Branch President, National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) Branch 103
“I consider myself someone who doesn’t like to see injustice. I’ve always been the one to stand up and say ‘this is wrong.’ I did it in life, I did it while I was a letter carrier, and now I do it as Branch President.”


Claude “Tou Tou” St. Germain, Recording Secretary of Boston School Bus Drivers- USW Local 8751
“When you create division within an organization, you create space for the opposition to get in and destroy it. Dialogue is the biggest weapon.”




Alison Sheppard, Facilities Manager at MWRA and Steward with USW 9360
“I could do something that bored the hell out of me and even make a lot of money doing it; or do something I love and I’m really good at, but have to fight to get and keep jobs regardless of my qualifications. I would rather fight to do something I love than be bored. Someone’s got to push the envelope or things never change.”



Cara Madarese, Shop Steward and Executive Board member of OPEIU Local 6
“I enjoy making connections with people, I like talking to members and finding out what’s important to them. I want to give people a voice especially when they don’t think they have one.”



Martin Sanchez, Organizer, New England Regional Council of Carpenters (NERCC)

“I always like to improve my method of organizing. There’s always something to learn.”



Brian Caulfield, Vice President, Pipefitters Local 537
“If I had to say something to my younger self it would be, ‘Stay more involved from the beginning. Go to more union meetings. It’s so important for everyone to stay involved.’”




Jake Spertus, Union Rep, HUCTW
“I wanted to contribute, especially after the election, to strengthening unions and thinking about what the labor movement was going to look like going forward. So I was looking for insights for a while, both for broader movement and to work within my own union to make it better– more organized and politically engaged.”

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