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Kevin L. Cotter Gets his Just Desserts

Program -Kevin Cotter Testimonial 9-13-14

Kevin L. Cotter Testimonial Program cover 9-13-14



A Marvelous Celebration for a Great Labor Leader!
at a  9/13/14 Testimonial at the Quincy Marriott

On Saturday night, a huge turnout of friends, family and longtime colleagues gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Quincy Marriott Hotel to honor a wonderful leader and gentleman, Kevin L. Cotter, retired Business Manager of Plumbers #Local 12.   Harry Brett, Jr. and his team organized a magnificent, touching and fun tribute to Kevin. They involved the UA on a local, regional and national level; and the broader labor movement, building trades, contractors and employers; community and church representatives.


Fr. Pat Sullivan, the Guild’s Chaplain Emeritus, gave the evening’s Invocation.  Fr. Pat and Guild Executive Director Allyson Every, had a chance to share something of what Kevin means to the entire Labor Guild

Throughout his career and life, Kevin is someone who quietly makes good things happen.

For the Labor Guild, Kevin has been a go-to guy from the get-go. He’s served as Guild President, the Labor Co-chair of the CGA Dinner TWICE,  won the Cushing-Gavin Award for Labor in 2004. This year, Kevin agreed take on his Executive Chair duties for our next CGA Dinner  Dec 5th.  He’s a cherished member of the Guild’s Kitchen Cabinet where we seek his wise counsel.

Kevin Cotter Way street sign

Kevin Cotter Way — Mayor Marty Walsh’s unique way to honor Kevin Cotter. It’s good to be Mayor.


Fr. Ed Boyle, his friend, mentor and brother, once wrote that whenever Kevin Cotter is confronted with his impressive accomplishments,  Kevin always insists that everything was “the result of team efforts. Such modesty is simply one of the personal qualities that have made his leadership attractive  — and very effective. His unflappable, diplomatic but savvy and perceptive manner has helped:

  • strengthen and expand Local 12 and the UA,
  • nuture new seeds of cooperation with the Contractors Association,
  •  insert Labor’s voice more effectively into Board rooms and state politics.”

“Perhaps more surprising,” Ed continued, “he seems to accomplish this almost effortlessly … and with a ready smile.”


We are so grateful to you, Kevin, for being such an amazing Guilder. Sending blessings and best wishes to you and Betty!


Here are a few iPhone snaps of that terrific event. No it wasn’t foggy inside the Quincy Marriott.  Fortunately, there were professional photographers in the house, but for now, here goes!  [One thing’s certain: the Brett Family Photo Dynasty has NOTHING to worry about.]


Fr. Pat Sullivan, Suzanne Bump and Paul McDevitt

L-R: Fr. Patrick Sullivan, MA Auditor Suzanne Bump, Paul McDevitt at Kevin Cotter Celebration 9-13-14


Donna Finerty and Friends

Donna Finnerty, Lisa Dunlea, and Friends at Kevin Cotter Retirement Reception 9-13-14



Bill Doherty and Tom Kerr

Brian Doherty, Boston Building Trades and Tom Kerr, Pipefitters & Guild Board at Kevin Cotter Reception 9-13-14





Joan Santamaria

Joan Santamaria, Labor Guild matriarch and super-volunteer.




Mayor Walsh-Kevin Cotter Time 9-13-14

Mayor Walsh honoring Kevin Cotter

Assembling the Brotherhood for a photo.

Assembling the Brotherhood for a photo.






L-R: John Dumas, IBEW #103, Steve Tolman, MA AFL-CIO; Sr. Tess Browne SCN, labor nun; and Rich Rogers, GBLC

L-R: John Dumas, IBEW #103, Steve Tolman,, President, MA AFL-CIO; Sr. Tess Browne SCN, labor nun; and Rich Rogers, Greater Boston Labor Council

Kevin Cotter and his UA Brothers 9-13-14

Kevin Cotter and his UA Brothers at Kevin’s 9-13-14 Retirement Party

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