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New UC Berkeley Labor Center Report on ACA & Private Sector/Single Employer Health Plans

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Affordable Care Act:
Summary of Provisions Affecting Employer-Sponsored Insurance


Link here for 10-page report!

Much of the public discussion about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has focused on the
expansion of coverage to the uninsured through subsidies to individuals and the expansion
of Medicaid. The law will also result in changes for some of the 156 million Americans who
are covered through an employer-sponsored plan.
“This summary addresses common questions from unions and employers about the law’s impact on employer-sponsored
insurance. This summary reflects our interpretation of the ACA statute and regulations that
have been released to-date by the Department of Treasury, Department of Health and
Human Services, and Department of Labor.”

The Report’s Section Headings include:

  • What are the Marketplaces and who can utilize them?
  • Are employers required to provide coverage?
  • How long a waiting period is permissible before an employee
  • is eligible for health coverage?
  • What standards must employer-sponsored plans meet?
    • With a great Chart detailing Health Plan Standards, by Plan Type
  • How will the excise tax impact employer-based plans?
  • Does the law make other tax changes related to health insurance?
  • Will subsidies be available to help small businesses afford coverage?
  • Does the law impact employer wellness programs?
  • Are employers required to do any new reporting?










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